The Filial Daughter

Xiao-Wei Lu

Feature, Issue Three

Professional mourning is a time-honoured tradition that is slowly dying out in Taiwan – as little as twenty years ago, there were hundreds of mourners working at funerals that lasted for over 30 days. Nowadays, this number is drastically lower, reflected by the fact that services rarely last beyond a fortnight.

Liu Jun-Lin is a professional mourner. The Filial Daughter captures her prefuneral rituals and elaborate performances, which include acrobatic dance manoeuvres, sombre songs, theatrical elements & detailed choreography. The event is steeped in folkloric tradition yet wholly modern, featuring maximal lighting and pumped up PA systems.

Shot through with nostalgia and an expressionist approach, the film seeks to provide a platform for Liu Jun-Lin’s thoughts and perspectives, consciously avoiding a sensationalist approach to its subject matter and celebrating strong and beaufitul women in their craft. 


Lu is a Taiwan born, UK based director and photographer.
Xiao-Wei Lu

Syrup 2022