XR stories, 2021
Conversation Playground is a new sound-reactive fulldome piece which invites the audience to engage in collective conversation beneath a live immersive projection. The visuals, inspired by objects and shapes commonly seen in playgrounds, overlap and interact with each other as the conversations within the space unfold in real-time.

Play shapes our experience of place and informs how we behave. impacting so many aspects of our lives - from health to happiness and is a product of our access to public space, from skateparks to playgrounds.

During the COVID-19 UK lockdown the closing of parks, playgrounds and outdoor gyms brought to light the importance of these spaces as vital places for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

Conversation playground creates a space for discussion and collaboration. The audio visual installation aims to give a platform to playful ideas and create exciting connections. We want to use this space to give visitors a place to play!

The project R&D funded by Live Cinema UK as part of Surround Stories

In collaboration with Fulldome artists Alice Kilkenny / Kayah Garcia 

*Work in progress*

Syrup 2022